Yes, Even Tiger King

I believe you can learn something from ANYTHING. Well, except maybe from Tiger King. All of our brains need a good wash down after bingeing that hot mess. But actually, I take that back. In an alternate universe where that train-wreck of a show is child-friendly, even Tiger King could be an excellent jumping offContinue reading “Yes, Even Tiger King”

1,000 Book Challenge: March

For those of you unfamiliar with our 1,000 Book Challenge, you can find more details in my previous post — The gist of it is that as a New Year’s Resolution, my kiddos decided we would strive to read 1,000 picture books during 2020. And there were stipulations… chapter books and re-reads couldn’t countContinue reading “1,000 Book Challenge: March”

This Isn’t Homeschooling

It just isn’t. Calling what’s happening in homes across America right now “homeschooling” is like calling a piece of bread, birthday cake. One of the things I love most about our lifestyle is the fact that we are not constrained by the four walls of our home. Math can take place in a garden. ScienceContinue reading “This Isn’t Homeschooling”

All of the Nutella: A Guide to Actually Enjoying Days at Home with Little Ones

I had a friend recently say to me, “You know how much I love my kids, right? So why do I so desperately want to wave the white flag, lock myself in the bathroom, and eat an entire jar of Nutella? I’ve only been stuck here with them for two days! And I actually didContinue reading “All of the Nutella: A Guide to Actually Enjoying Days at Home with Little Ones”

"Omelets are for Sundays, son." Homeschooling Tips to get you started.

First thing’s first. BREATHE. Do it again with some extra deep breathing yoga flair. And hear me loud and clear when I tell you that your children are resilient. If you did nothing else but read to them for the next few weeks, they would be just fine. You are not going to mess themContinue reading “"Omelets are for Sundays, son." Homeschooling Tips to get you started.”

Help! I have to homeschool!

I saw a meme a couple of days ago. Social media is flooded with them right now because when hard times hit, people need a good laugh. Anyway, this particular one was a homeschool meme with a picture of Oprah in a red dress, hands outstretched, an emphatic expression plastered on her face. You’ve seenContinue reading “Help! I have to homeschool!”