about me

Hey y’all, I’m Summer! And this is my motley crew.

I have been married to that handsome fella above for nearly twelve years (although he’s put up with me far longer). Together, we have three fantastically quirky kiddos who are, in fact, my greatest teachers.

I’ve known two things, with absolute certainty, since the age of 6. I wanted to be a teacher and a mother. I am beyond blessed those two dreams came to fruition and are now the central anchors that tether me in life. As a home educator, motherhood and teaching are all mashed up in the most chaotic and beautiful way.

A little about where I come from…

I grew up in the beautiful Appalachians of Southwest Virginia where I still proudly reside today. I graduated with my Masters in Education and taught elementary school for nearly a decade. After our second child was born, I decided it was time for a new adventure, one that would allow me to be there for more of their tiny, precious moments. I worked part-time in a private preschool and created a natural-light family photography business (Posey Pics) as a side hustle. This helped pay the bills and provided flexibility in the early trenches of motherhood. And somewhere in there, we were blessed with our third, beautiful, wild child.

A few years later when we began our unexpected homeschool journey, I shifted gears by creating Fierce Little Learners. It was a dream I never knew I had before, and once it came, I knew there was no turning back. Since then, I have worked with many other families helping them to create learning environments best suited for their children’s unique needs.

I also share what our own homeschool looks like now and explain ways in which it has evolved over the years. And even if you don’t homeschool, there are so many ways to cultivate a family culture which can foster personal growth on an entirely new level.

In addition to academic services, I also created a blog when I started FLL. Writing is an invaluable outlet for me and brings me serious joy. When I write, it’s mostly a way for me to make sense of the world around me. But if my words can help someone else along the way, that’s a pretty spectacular bonus.

In February of 2021, I was thrown the ugliest of curveballs when I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. After two years, I now stand on the other side of this breast cancer battle, and I am tremendously grateful. But I’m also a little bit ragey. There are so many misconceptions floating around about this illness, and environmental cancers continue to be on the rise. I am appalled at the lack of education being provided to the masses, and I hope my rantings will help prevent others from suffering my same fate. And while my business was put on hold during my illness, I kept writing. My blog has served as a healing tool of sorts, and I so appreciate all of the love and support that has been funneled back to me through it.

After a recent positive health report, I am ready to get back to it. I’m going to keep writing and keep sharing. I hope to be able to help more families (homeschoolers and traditional schoolers alike). And I may even chase people around with my camera again one day in the future.

Thank you for being here for all the homeschool hilarity, motherhood musings, and everything else in between. I hope you like what you see.

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