Help! I have to homeschool!

I saw a meme a couple of days ago. Social media is flooded with them right now because when hard times hit, people need a good laugh. Anyway, this particular one was a homeschool meme with a picture of Oprah in a red dress, hands outstretched, an emphatic expression plastered on her face. You’ve seen a thousand different variations of it. I’m sure you know, it’s the… “And you get a car! And you get car! And you get a…” That one. Well except in this meme, Oprah is shown shouting, “And you get to homeschool! And you get to homeschool! And you get…”

It made me chuckle a little.

But the fact is that what everyone is going through right now is scary, scary business. It’s uncharted territory, and I am well aware that the majority of parents aren’t exactly thrilled at the notion of being cooped up inside of their homes for the foreseeable future. I actually had someone say to me, “But you’re used to never leaving your house.” Now listen, y’all. I AM an introvert. My favorite thing in the world is being at home in my jammies because it gets a little too people-ly out there for me sometimes. But NOBODY is excited about the possibility of being quarantined. And despite homeschool stigma, we do actually get out there and socialize, ya know. My fierce little learners and I are home more than most, but saying goodbye to ballet, gymnastics, swim, play dates, field trips, book club, and Target runs (I’ll miss you the most)… well, this ain’t easy for anyone, sister.

My prayer is that the only fever anyone reading this gets is the cabin kind, and I hope that I can in some small way help with your transition.

In the last 24 hours, I have received nearly a dozen texts, messages, and calls from friends who are now burdened, I mean, entrusted with the task of schooling at home in the coming weeks. All of this is in the early stages and it’s quite possible that it will be short-lived. Fingers crossed. But if it does end up being a longer haul, I hope that I can spare you some of my early homeschool growing pains by sharing some hacks, resources, and tips.

I know that non-homeschooling families are struggling to adjust and please know that despite all my joking (and Oprah memes), I TRULY want to help in any way I can.

Homeschooling can feel SO overwhelming, but it is also incredibly beautiful and fulfilling. My next post will be a day in the life sort of deal (for those who might be interested). I will also be sharing resources, activities, ideas, the top lessons I’ve learned, and strategies to help you not to lose your ever-lovin’ mind. Stay tuned… and happy learning, my friends.


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