My Fierce Little Learners

Welcome to Fierce Little Learners

Hey y’all, I’m Summer!
This is my wild and crazy crew, and we are unexpected homeschoolers.

I am a mom to three fantastically quirky kiddos who are, in fact, my greatest teachers. I enjoy dancing in my kitchen (or really, anywhere for that matter), chasing people around with my camera, and hiding away from the world with a great book. I will nerd out all day long when discussing amazing literature but feel equally enthusiastic about the copious amounts of television I binge with my husband.

I left my role as an elementary classroom teacher several years ago when we decided to grow our family. Once we began our *unexpected* homeschooling journey, I started a business as an educational consultant/ academic coach and have since worked with many other families to aid them in cultivating learning environments best suited for their children’s specific emotional and academic needs.

I started this page to share bits and pieces of our journey with you, and more importantly to help you CONNECT with your beloved little people.

My goal is to share with you the unique and especially beautiful kind of learning that naturally can occur within the four walls of your own home. And even if you aren’t a full-time homeschooling family like us, there is still plenty for you here! Please check out my Blog Page for inspiration, resources, and more.

Meet My Fierce Little Learners

Little A (age 7) is into, well, a bit of everything. And whatever she is currently fascinated with is THE thing, if you know what I mean. She’s the fiercest of my little learners and dives deep, rarely coming up for air. Her current loves are space, deep sea, and animation art.

Mr. T (age 5) is the sweetest of my learners, and don’t worry if that sounds insensitive to my other children, my girls know it’s true. He is along for the ride and joyfully skips and giggles down the rabbit hole with us. He is intrigued by anything that drives, flies, floats, or digs.

And now I introduce to you, Baby C, the tiniest learner. And just so you know, the C totally stands for Chaos. Her mischievousness and high-strung temperament are what FORCE us to keep our homeschool rhythm flexible. She loves read alouds, watercolors, pom-poms, running like a cheetah on asphalt, and eating everything in our pantry.

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I hope here, at Fierce Little Learners, you will find a space that makes you feel excited about teaching your littles.

I hope you’ll feel energized by some of my less conventional approaches to learning and see how beautiful life can look when there is meaningful learning taking place outside of a traditional academic environment.

Over on my Blog Page, you’ll find an array of resources, ideas, and funny (for you, embarrassing for me) tales from our homeschooling days.

Educational Consultant Services

I hold a Master’s in Education and have over 12 years experience working with elementary-aged children. If you have made the decision to homeschool but feel completely overwhelmed with how to begin or don’t know which resources will best fit your child’s learning needs, I am here to help!

I offer consultations via Zoom or phone for parents who need a little guidance, coaching, and encouragement.

For those of you who are not fellow homeschoolers, my services are also available to you as well! If you are interested in learning how to facilitate at-home-learning opportunities (outside of the regular school day) that will help foster your child’s creativity and aid them in their academic success, a consultation would be right for you, too.

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Until next time… Happy Learning, my friends!